6 Do’s & Don’ts During The Two-Week Wait Post-IVF

6 Do’s & Don’ts During The Two-Week Wait Post-IVF

The two-week wait after an embryo transfer can feel like forever. Follow these do’s and don’ts during this crucial period to help optimize your success rate, and help your mental health during the TWW.
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By twoplus Fertility

Congrats! After all the days and nights of looking forward to this day, you’ve finally completed your embryo transfer. Now onto the challenging part: Waiting for two whole weeks to pass before your beta. Can time pass any slower?

If you want to know what you should do and not do in the two weeks after your transfer, this checklist is for you. Keep reading to find out how you can maximize your chances of successful embryo implantation.

Don’t: Have Sex
It’s best not to have sex during the two-week wait post-transfer. Science explains that intercourse can intensify uterine contractions that may interfere with embryo implantation — definitely not what you want when you are doing IVF!
The good thing is you and your partner only have to abstain from sex for 5-10 days, the optimal period for the embryo to implant itself in the uterus.

Do: Continue Taking Your Medication
It may be tempting to skip the pills and shots after the embryo transfer is completed. But if your doctor tells you to continue taking them, you should. This could mean progesterone in oil or a low-dose version of regular aspirin. Use a product like the MyVitro Travel Case to take your daily post-transfer pills and shots with you.

Don’t: Engage in Physically Demanding Activities
HIIT workouts and lifting heavy weights are just the tip of the iceberg when skipping the physically taxing tasks post-IVF transfer. At this stage, embryo implantation is a delicate process. Do whatever you can to aid in its success and limit your physical activity. Work out a plan with your partner or support system on how they can help you stick to this rule during the two-week wait.

Do: Eat Healthily
As you’ve probably been doing before your IVF treatments, healthy eating can impact your fertility levels. Choose whole grains, plant-based proteins, and healthy beverages. Certain dietary supplements like folic acid and iron may also help. Still, it’s best to consult your doctor for specific recommendations suitable to your unique health needs.

Did you know you should also skip certain foods during this crucial period? Check out twoplus Fertility’s post on the 10 foods to avoid when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive!

Don’t: Stress Obsessively
It’s natural to stress, worry, and even feel anxious when going through IVF treatment. The trick is not letting these negative emotions take over your entire being 24/7 while awaiting your results. Seeking support from others can help you manage these emotions.

Do: Seek Support
Like how it takes a village to raise a child, a supportive social network is crucial during your two-week wait post-IVF transfer. It’s a great way to seek reassurance and take your mind off the emotional rollercoaster many go through during this period.

Prioritize quality time with your significant other, ring up your bestie, or take time off work if needed. Alternatively, consider speaking with a licensed healthcare professional like a therapist or counselor.

What Will Be, Will Be
You’ve done your research and taken the steps you can to reach your goal of becoming pregnant. Hopefully the do’s and don’ts mentioned above will help you during your TWW. Sending you lots of sticky vibes!