Essential IVF Support Kit Reviews 

"I'm so impressed with this kit! Preparing for our first IVF cycle has been overwhelming, and I'm thankful for a way to take back some control and enjoy the process a little more.
This kit truly has everything I need to store my medications, travel with ease, and keep everything organized. It's thoughtfully created and beautifully designed. It's also an incredible value! I've been recommending MyVitro products since I found them, and this kit is at the top of the list. I'm so grateful for MyVitro products designed just for those of us dealing with infertility!"
-- Katy

"I am in love with all of these products. I am on my first round of IVF and trying to juggle a full time job and infertility comes with its challenges. It is so nice to have something that stores all of my medication beautifully. Additionally, it reminds me of my makeup kit from when I was a kid so it is very nostalgic. I love how pristine everything in the kit is. This kit has been a lifesaver and I am telling everyone going through IVF they need to get this kit ASAP!" 
-- Tori

"I love this kit!! It really helped me feel less overwhelmed by organizing my medications. I also missed the shot station at the bottom of the shipping box and they sent me another one, even though it was my mistake- wow!! Thank you for your awesome product, efficiency, and kindness! It means the world to us going through this journey."
-- Kate

Deluxe IVF Support Kit Reviews 

"Great Investment! I am so glad I came across the Deluxe Kit, everything has a home and I know exactly where everything goes. There is too much to be anxious about during IVF, being organized is key to help you not get overwhelmed!"
-- Erika