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IVF Gifts for Every Budget
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IVF Gifts for Every Budget

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'Tis the season for gift guides and we’ve compiled the best practical gifts for someone going through fertility treatments. Whether your loved one has been diagnosed with infertility or is part of a same-sex couple embarking on building their family, these gifts will help them prep for IVF and show how much you care.

I’ve organized the list from most expensive to least expensive so you can find the perfect IVF gifts at a price that suits your budget!

Tickets to a summit. ($50 - $100) Building a family through assisted reproduction technologies (ART) can seem overwhelming at first. A great way to support your loved one is to get them tickets to an event where they can learn more about their options, meet experts in the field, and talk with others going through the same challenges. This is a great way to prep for IVF and other fertility treatments!

MyVitro Fertility Caddy. ($45) (available January 2020) Most fertility treatments involve taking several medications, some that are self-injected multiple times a day. This Fertility Caddy is crucial for IUI and IVF medication storage. Helping your loved one organize their expensive medication will help them feel more in control of their treatment. The Fertility Caddy is a countertop storage kit that will be their go-to IVF organizer at home.

Fertility Affirmation Cards. ($15-$40) Taking care of mental health during medical treatment is important, and these Fertility Affirmation cards from Conceivable Designs help patients stay focused on positive messages during this stressful time. A perfect IVF gift, different affirmations are available depending on the treatment protocol and stage (including pregnancy!). All MyVitro Fertility Caddies come with a double sided affirmation card included!

Ice Packs for Injection Prep. ($5-$10) Using an ice pack before getting a shot can help reduce the pain at the injection site. These pineapple ice packs are just the right size, and cute too. This is a great IUI or IVF gift basket idea.

A Hand Written Note. (Free) Infertility can be isolating. Societal stigmas leave many couples keeping quiet that they are struggling to conceive, and leave them feeling alone at a time when they need support more than ever. Sending a note filled with care that they can look back on will help them through the ups and downs of IUI and IVF planning and throughout treatment.

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