MyVitro Launches GroundBreaking IVF Support Kits

MyVitro Launches GroundBreaking IVF Support Kits

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MyVitro, first-of-its-kind fertility treatment lifestyle brand, launches
innovative IVF Support Kits

COLUMBUS, OHIO - JULY 17, 2020 - MyVitro, the first DTC company providing fertility medication organizers and accessories, is launching a suite of IVF support products. Their kits are the only and first comprehensive fertility medication organizers on the market. After an extensive product prototyping and development period, the Essential and Deluxe IVF Support Kits are now available.

12% of couples in the US have trouble getting or staying pregnant according to the CDC, and the number keeps growing. For many of those struggling to conceive, they turn to fertility treatments such as Invitro Fertilization (IVF). Social stigma surrounding infertility and IVF have left many couples and individuals without the support system that they need to navigate the process. For those that are just beginning their fertility medication, these products allow them to organize their supplies and feel in control of their treatment.

“The fertility treatment process is complicated, emotional, and can be overwhelming,” said Patrick Hall, co-founder of MyVitro, “we wanted to make the products we wished we had during IVF, not just for couples like us but any person needing fertility treatment to build their family.”

MyVitro was founded by Danielle and Patrick Hall, a married couple who went through IVF and saw a gap in the market for comprehensive support products that could help keep them organized throughout treatment. They conducted extensive market research, reviewed patient feedback, and along with an award-winning industrial design firm created the concept for their now highly sought after support kits. They hope to normalize and support individuals undergoing fertility treatments.

“We aim to provide practical support for the daily needs of those self-administering fertility treatments,” said Danielle Hall, co-founder, “individuals in treatment need to feel supported, organized, in control of their health, and confident in their injections. Our goal is to offer those going through treatment a sense of community and belonging at a time when they often feel isolated and secluded.”

Each support kit includes 6 distinct products: the IVF Organizer or Caddy, Shot Station, Travel Case, 2 Hot + Cold Packs, and an exclusive Fridge Box, available only within a kit. The kit is purpose-built for fertility treatments, with products designed to fit specific needles, drugs, and supplies used during treatment. The Deluxe Kit will retail for $189, and the Essential Kit will retail for $89. Both are available at

Launched in 2020 by Patrick and Danielle Hall, MyVitro is on a mission to provide practical support for the daily needs of those self-administering fertility treatments. After years of struggling with IVF treatments, they developed MyVitro to help others take control of their fertility injections and medications. Their current product offerings include IVF Support Kits, The IVF Organizer, The Fertility Caddy and additional accessories used during fertility treatment. All products are available for purchase at