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Infertility and COVID-19
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Infertility and COVID-19

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When I created MyVitro, one part of our branding exercise was to create a list of the negative emotions caused by infertility and the IVF process, and how we would help address each one. I realized that the list of negative emotions we came up with regarding infertility sounds a lot like the negative emotions we are all having now with COVID-19.

Never Done This Before.
Not in Control.

Next to each negative emotion I listed a positive counter to it, and turned those positive emotions into our mission, our product offerings and our action to support our community as they prep for ivf. 

I Am Part of a Community.
I Can Do This.
I Feel Calm and Prepared.
I Am in Control.
I Don’t Have to Hide.
I Have a Plan.

While not all of these positive messages apply to COVID-19, the one that stands out the most to me is "I Am Part of a Community." We will get through this pandemic the same way we fight our way through the ivf process - together. I am so thankful to all of you for being here.